We are a highly skilled team of Senior System Engineers, specialized for high performance web hosting solutions and server tuning, resolving performance bottleneck and delivering every page as fast as possible.
We also build IaaS cloud solutions based on CloudStack and provide consulting services for virtually anything web-related.


  • Do you have a great site, but it’s extremely slow? We can make it fly!
  • Are are low on the hosting budget, but still want to deliver millions of pages per day from single server ? We can make it happen.
  • Do you want to dedicate yourself to the coding and developing your site, without worrying about all the technical stuff like hosting, server performance and security, DNS management, domain registration, caching, etc…? Deal, leave the technical stuff to us.
  • Do you need a completely custom hosting solution with all the bells and whistles? No problem, we will build it for you.
  • How about speeding up that busy and struggling MySQL server, doing thousands of queries per second, slowing down your site ?
  • Do you sleep well at night, without worrying if your server goes down for any reason? We will make everything highly available, so there is no single point of failure.
  • If you want to do some geocaching with CDN solutions, moving content closer to your customers, reducing page load times – we will give you the solution.
  • Are you proactive with monitoring and alerting solution, or are you waiting for customers to complain ? Be the first to spot issues and take actions before the customers call you.
  • Last but not least – is your server protected from common attacks, brute force attempts and similar? We will make this a “set and forget” experience.


In-depth understanding of how things work, allows us to utilize the best software for the solution.
Some of the software/services we use to provide our solutions are:

  • Varnish, NginX, Apache,HaProxy,etc as the web and caching servers
  • Percona/Mysql Server and XtraDB/Galera cluster for standalone and clustered database
  • Neo4J standalone and cluster for the graph database scenario
  • Pacemaker/Corosync for clustering and high-availability with no single point of failure
  • KVM/VMWare/Hyper-V for the virtualization and cost optimization
  • Various CDN providers for geocaching solutions (CloudFlare, Level3…)
  • Various security tools & utilities for keeping things safe
  • Professional Cacti and Nagios based solutions for monitoring and alerting


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